Moms: Courageous Women Raising the Next Generation

So many of us are told by the world around us that we can be anything we want to be these days - women are expanding into various fields more rapidly than ever before!  Ironically, with all of this opportunity, several of us often also become mothers and with motherhood comes all types of expectations that we put on ourselves as well as from our partners, relatives and society.  Yet, a mom is often a role we simply become vs. attend any school to study.

As I’m sure you’ve seen women now more than ever are owning their place in society.

I’ve come to believe that, owning the role of “mom” is critical if women are going to create the results we want.

I’m a mother of two children - ages 13 and 16. My background as a career counselor and transformational course facilitator, enables me to look at the role of ‘Mom’ with a unique sense of respect. My approach balances the need for self-awareness and courage. I support moms to develop a strong sense of self, so they role model positive behavior. I promote thoughtful conversations on motherhood and invite all of us to elevate the role of ‘Mom’ at home and in society.

These course dynamics help you shed expectations and understand who you want to be in the role of ‘Mom’, what you value and what messages you send your children and if they are landing effectively.

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed as a mom.

This course offers you a unique opportunity to make the time to determine who you want to be in this essential role of ‘Mom.’ We’re raising the next generation, so we need to be strong leaders.

During our time together you’ll learn easy-to-implement tools in an interactive positive way and figure out what works best for you and your family. These 8 lessons will help you more clearly define and express yourself as a mom.

So if you’re ready to go for it and confidently learn how to embrace and express the real you in your role as ‘Mom’ - join us!

Determine who you want to be as ‘Mom’

“Parenting is so hard and so undervalued. This course is so necessary and all women need to hear it because it may change the way they parent. It definitely inspired my own self concept. “

Mom Residing in Greece & NJ

"I liked the flow of the lesson and how you made it relate-able to moms by sharing your own story.  

This lesson really did make me think about how I view myself as a mom since I've never really thought long and hard about it. We do so many things for our kids that have become routine that we forget the importance of all that we do.  It does shape the future of our little ones and we should value that. 

Brooklyn Mom


My role is...

To encourage you to think about various aspects of motherhood that will help you more confidently express who you are as a mother and confirm that the messages you are sending your children are the ones you really want to be sending them. Since you’re here, it seems like you are ready to grow stronger in your role as “Mom” and create a more peaceful and joyful life for yourself and your family.